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Re: Still On The Fence

I get a sense that perhaps what you don't like is being an adult beginner. It is hard to go into something and feel completely incapable inadequate and unable to do what you see everyone else doing. Especially when you are an adult and have not been in that situation for many years.

Just because an instructor or someone of higher rank is letting loose and practicing at their level does not mean it is a negative at all. Even if it is a bit of showing off... you should look at that as a great chance to see what lies further down the path that you have stepped onto. Some day you also might be this good.

Goodness I just love it when my teacher has a great uke and just takes a moment to have some fun tossing them around in front of the class. So what if he/she is showing off... they have worked hard for a lot of years and they deserve to.

You have made some very general statements that really don't give any way to know if this teacher was really not behaving as a good teacher. At this point I have to feel that it is you whose attitude needs to be considered and perhaps adjusted. Open your mind and even when you don't maybe agree with what your teacher is doing try your best to go along. Sometimes I get kind of upset and frustrated and think my teacher does not understand that I just can't do it and I used to constantly say "I can't"... but my teacher very patiently just kept telling me to do whatever and then I started to realize that I could and that it was actually my own negative attitude that was in my way.

So when you step onto the mat in this next place try really hard to just empty that cup and give it a
I used to think I was nuts to even consider a martial art. I certainly never say myself wearing a brown belt much less a black and yet I'm still at itchance. Even if it looks impossible.
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