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Re: Still On The Fence

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Hello, I am still on the fence on choosing a martial art. I have become very interested in Akido. Currently I am taking Chinese kung fu because I could not find a location that teaches combat Tai Chi. And I did not know of any Aikido schools until recently. The reason I wanted to learn combative Tai Chi is so I can learn flow with my appointment and was told that it is very useful in street fighting. I did locate an aikido school and it is seems very interesting. I have a concern that if there is a defense against someone who knows Chinese kung fu. My main concern is in Chinese kung fu they have rapid, machine gun type punches, that another Kung Fu master could quickly deflect by rapidly using your palm and twisting your waist left to right repeated deflecting all the punches. Please forgive me, but I worry that there may not be an Aikido defense (if I can not grab and lock) and I become a human punching bag. Your advice and forgiveness for asking a dumb question is requested. Thank you.
In a "street fight" you will be using gross motor skills. Learn some basics, don't worry about advanced techniques.

Learn how to move to avoid the attack while maintaining your balance.
Learn how to disrupt your attacker's balance.
Shodokan Aikido has great katas for this.
Practice everyday.

Go to a boxing gym and learn how to throw a punch.
Put up a punching bag and a speed bag and practice everday.

Practice sprinting everyday.

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