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Ai symbol Re: Still On The Fence

John Vasos wrote: View Post
The 44 Mag was all fictitious, I could not hurt a fly (in fact I usually am able to catch them and set them free outside). That is what is so attractive to me about Aikido.
Delighted to hear it. :-) I think you'll really like Aikido.

John Vasos wrote: View Post
I am not a quitter, and quitting the Wing Chun class yesterday because of someone else's errogance really bothered me. This IS the first thing I ever quit in my entire life, and I am serious about that.
One of the things that struck me on my first visit to check out the dojo where I now train was the complete absence of "bad-a**-ery." I was very impressed with how supportive everyone was of everyone else. Patience is the rule. I don't mean coddling - people expect you to try your best - but nobody is a jerk or creep about anything. And everyone is learning, at their level. Even the dan-ranked students, never come across as "knowing everything." Indeed, they are often the most aware of how much more there is to learn, practice, and refine. And I've found the same environment at seminars, when training with people from other dojos.

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