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mike lee
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hard asses can be short-sighted

I noticed that Ted used the word "severe" repeatedly in his essay.

I once met a teacher in Hawaii who underwent "severe" aikido training under a certain Japanese shihan who now teaches on the US west coast, and that teacher can hardly bend his arms at the elbows because the athritus is so bad. He directly attributes the problem to "severe" training in the early days of aikido.

I've met several other shihans from Japan, and they all attribute cronic elbow pain to "severe" aikido training when they were young, many to that same west coast teacher.

Wiser teachers realized that such training was not worth the price. If you want to enjoy your old age, look before you leap.

There are proper ways to train in modern aikido that keep the training safe, yet intensive, and still continue to make it a highly effective martial art.

It's good to train seriously, and intensively. "Severe" is not in my training manual. I save "severe" for life and death situations.
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