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Bruce Baker wrote:
Thanks for the replys, but I was refering to the option of hands doing everything the weapons do, and vice versa.

One of the first things I learned in using the hands is that they, like weapons, are merely an extension of the body, so when you are practicing with your weapons there should be no difference as if you were empty handed.

Energy is sent to the end of the weapon and beyond, to give it strength, so too without the weapon the same principles apply.
When teaching tai jitsu, we sometimes show how it is the same as weapons technique.

But when I teach weapons class (Iwama Ryu), I always show that the particular strike, parry, etc. is exactly the same energy used in the applicable tai jitsu. This seems to be particularly useful to newer students, as it was to me when I started, so that weapons training gives them a beter sense of what empty hand can feel like.

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