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Re: Mindfulness

Hi Mary,
That is wonderfully put, because every moment is beautiful, we miss it usually because we are in some thought in the past, rembering what he/she did to me look at my life story and all the things that happened to me. Or what's going to happen in the future, ive got my credit card to pay next week, kids are going to start a new school term soon oh my god what will I do if cant get them a new pair of trainers, and when the hell am I going to get that promotion that I think I have a god given right to.
And we miss........... Everything that is truly important, the only true reality that there "is". This very moment because nothing exists out of this moment, if you think it does then your missing the aliveness of now!

This I know to be true, because if I only believed it, then it is only another thought form, not true harmony. True harmony can only ever exist in this very moment in the now, not in the past not in the future, but here and now and it is completely non-resistant. It just is.

In Budo

Andy B
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