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Re: Why no tsuba?

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
While not declared a demo your clips are a demonstration of your approach and just is. As for Dan.....while he is not signing checks for me or binding me to contracts I do call him friend......I value his experiences, his approaches and what he has to offer. Dan is one of several whose knowledge I value at a high level, and along with John Clodig, I have the opportunity to tap. I am sure there are others out there that I just have not yet bumped into.....every day offers that opportunity as long as I stay open to the possibility. This is the only bit of sage wisdom I would offer.....keep open to the possibilities.

And as a parting note...I kinda look like my avatar....

Just go straight

Gary. On one level it is but how many see it. Criticism does not show understanding and most often shows quite the opposite. My Aikido clips show only people come, people follow, people go down. My clips show only I do something and this happens. My clips show I do so from a relaxed, calm almost slow looking way. Why the effects happen that do happen these 'experts' say and are well off the mark. So obviously they don't know why.

They have a choice. Admit it happens and they don't see how, which means humility and saying you don't know or else assume it must be down to the uke, or no center, or well anything to fit with the non understanding. Simple really.

So simple they can't see it. Outside of their norm. My words show my approach, not video. Funny thing is those I know in life and martial arts who know my words, know me, and thus know my approach understand my videos.