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Re: Why no tsuba?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
It is watching people move with weapons in their hand. And everyone....every one...that I know who is capable would think the same way. From a certain standpoint you have shown us enough; the way you hold a sword, handle a sword, swing a sword, your maai, your entry, your placement, your hasuji, your footwork is totally wrong. As I said, I would be the first to give you affirmation when I can see anything that is:
Traditionally correct
Martially correct
or even mechanically sound.
It will not change when you do a demo.
This tied into the comments I made about Gary. Many of us are trying to be nice -to you as a person- while we are striving to explain what your videos and dialogue reveal and give you a better education than that which is demonstrated in your responses. Hopefully it will be beneficial to your future endeavors.

Budo is love, not nonsense.
To some
Budo as love is nonsense

Moving with a weapon in your hand. (a bokken) Purpose is what matters and only a demo or dedicated class to such a weapon would fit your description. I could use it as a walking stick to demonstrate a point if I want to. You cannot tell me what principle was being shown in any of the different motions in those clips so can only relate to something else.

Trying to educate me? Now there's a mistake. Try listening and sharing instead as I'm not your student. That would be an education.

I wouldn't be surprised if I knew one hundredth of the knowledge of weapons compared to you
but those few principles I know I know quite fully and wouldn't be surprised either to find that far exceeds yours.

What your view on Aikiken or Aikido sword is I wouldn't have a clue for I've only ever heard you say how useless it is. I don't think you know what it is or have a definition for it because your too busy comparing it to other sword arts from what I can see.

But it's all irrelevant for the principles I teach I know and the students who through practice grasp them and use them find them more than effective in all kinds of situations. Now that's all I need to know, it far exceeds your opinion.

I don't expect you or your friends to understand any clip of mine so nothing you say surprises me really. I let you blissfully believe you do.

Budo is Love. Budo as Love is Aikido.