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Re: Why no tsuba?

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I've had similar discussions with two representatives of ki-aikido (Yoshigasaki) here in Germany for a long time.
I finally realized that we were talking about completely different things when using the terms "aikido", iki", "aikiken" and so on. The points we made were identical to this discussion here.

At last both sides drew back and both sides stopped talking. We both realized that we can not get together. We both used the same words. But our practice and our understanding is completely different, often diametrically opposed. And allthough what they practice is called aikido, there is no connection to what I understand as such.
Hi Carsten
I think the overiding point I see often in aikido (and no, not even close to always, I know many responsible teachers) is to accept all practices as equal. This defies any standard, and appreciable realization of having to produce measurable results. Facing someone with skill with weapons will clearly demonstrate someone's lack and that....right quick.
Everyone does not get an "A." And for some their practices range from deluded to irresponsible to being ouright dangerous to themselves and others.