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Re: Why no tsuba?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
i'm astonished that your astonished. I'm also astonished by your continuous reference to things that never happened. Never done a sword demo, never shown one either.

I'm also astonished by your use of comparisons to sword arts missing the only point that matters, Aikido or any Aikiken is of itself and nothing to do with them. When people do in order to put down then it merely shows me their lack of understanding of Aikido.

You have your reality, you have expressed it many times, having stated or implied that what you have and do is a true understanding of Aikido....your understanding a true rendition of the founder approach. I am good with is after all your reality. I also agree that Aikiken and Aikijo are in and of themselves stand alone.....some connection to real weapons work, but not real weapons work. They are both there to provide training in movement......understanding timing, space and a bunch of other things that can help with your empty hand art. To me the most important aspect of using the boken and jo are that their use requires that both hands, both sides and the whole are in play. The sadness here is the use of both sides, the balance and wholeness it provides, is lost the moment these tools are placed back in the rack. A further problem with both is neither teaches small movements in and of themselves......this has to be added by someone who understands small movements.....and most don't ..... the larger movements gets them by.

It is perfectly ok to stay were you are, were many is perfectly ok.

My reality is like driving down the road.....I can see the landscape is changing, I can see that more exists beyond the fence I have around my yard and even at 69 I still want to learn and experience. To me the essentials needed to move on are what Dan and other are talking about and trying to help with. For me the best chance of this is with folks like Dan, John, Walter, Chris, Doug, Marc, David, Fred, Keith and others who are like them who have some connection to realities closer to mine.

Oh by the way.....your boken clips up on You Tube are a you have at least shown your approach to Aikiken rather than sword.

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