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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Kiichi Hogen and the Secret of Aikido

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
No not just him...them. And that's my point. People really buy this stuff.
It is worth noting the prep work and grooming that goes on with these somewhat odd teachers, loooong before they step on a mat. It is easy to take real and actual skills, combine them with an ukemi model and mental manipulation and come out a boy wonder. It's a twice told tale that still sucks in otherwise solid people.
Mental manipulation skills are skills nonetheless.

What if Ueshiba's Aikido was the result of mixing Daito-ryu's Aiki with late XIX and early XX centuries "mentalism" (what showmen like Criss Angel, Derren Brown and other stage magicians do today) probably present in Oomoto spiritual training?
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