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Re: Kiichi Hogen and the Secret of Aikido

Ellis Amdur wrote:
I - can't - help - it.

One other whole area of questioning and research that people brush off. Shamanism. Paranormal powers. I can hear the scoffing - but is it any different from scoffing about IT?............

Just sayin'
Yes Ellis, it is different.
I am not much concerned with people doubting the very real physical and observable results of Internal strength that have been documented for generations. In my estimation and experience for years now, their opinions continue to change once they meet people who have various degrees of internal strength, and more so with those who can demonstrate some sophistication in actually using it to fight.
The physical manifestations attributed to Ueshiba and also attributable to others in China run the gamut of educated Martial Arts people acknowledging great skills, to lesser lights being overwrought and offering rather ridiculous and conflated reports.
I have seen sooo much horseshit done in the name of ukemi that it makes anything possible. I have also seen otherwise credible people all but mesmerized by certain teachers. I have restrained myself from attending certain seminars if only to halt this nonsense in it's tracks and bring people back to a more reasoned view of expectations and probable outcomes. If I hear one more person talking about this or that teacher "Being on a different level" of no touch throws and mentally controlling people to forestall attacks, I just might start showing up. Hell I could send students to show up.
It is only worth noting that people lose themselves and continue to be mentally "played" by otherwise real and talented people, so they think everyone is suseptable to the same effect. There is collusion going on at a level they simple cannot fathom so it is all so very real to them.
What did the guy who defeated Ueshiba offer by way of some woo woo powers?
Was he a kami also?
And why haven't we read of any Judo people stating Ueshiba was a kami?
There were similar things said of Takeda which he laughed off or scorned.

The idea of Ueshiba displaying otherworldly powers I dismiss out of hand. As talking points and research this notion of his power being singular and supernatural remains a pivotal point in keeping others away from the real work that they can do to attain power themselves

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