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Re: It Had to be Felt #4: Arikawa Sadateru: "Please, put your hand Down!"

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
Rule #3 and #4.

Niall comments on Ellis experience when he would have just post his and leave Ellis stuffs alone so readers can view each person view point. essential of rule #3: don't compare your experience with his or others, just post your direct experience

and rule #4, if you have disagreement, make another thread and post it there, which is this thread.

and most important, read the original post on "It Had to be Felt", the section on folks went into a fit about their teachers and so on.

aikido is about paying attention, yes? so pay attention to details.
Attention to detail: You not giving jokes, there's a detail.

But more to the point you say rule 3 says don't compare with his or others. Think you have added a detail there actually. It says comparing with other posts and toing and froing with them. Rule 4 is to do with rule 3, thus other posts and posters.

Now contrary to you thinking I'm merely nit picking I am saying that I see no breaking of rules there and any such belief is itself nit picking and bending rules to get rid of.

Niall could just as easily have given his view without mention of Ellis and the view would be just as different to, just as comparitive, very contrasting, and totally out of agreement.

Now that would break rule 4 wouldn't it and 3 yet it would be just as asked for, direct experience.

So my friend the rules may have good intention but as I see it not very well thought through. If you take them literally then they mean don't say anything which contradicts what he says.

Anyway, it's all good stuffs.

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