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Re: early kyu expectations

Eva Röben wrote: View Post

maybe here in Belgium we are learning very slowly....I am 2nd kyu with over 5 years of aikido under my belt, and we also have other 2nd kyus with 8 years of training. I never knew anyone who got 2nd kyu after 2 years, but two or three people who got 3rd kyu after 2 years, which was already considered an achievement. This applies for people training 2 - 4 times per week.

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Was like that here as well Eva.
Before I came people took their time to test, so it seemed.
One of our guys who is 1st Kyu has taken his own time, and was 2nd kyu when I started about 5 years ago. [Had a two year break so only 3 years of actual training for me]
however he is smooth as butter.

It could be that your situation is like ours where we start flipping over peoples backs at 3rd Kyu doing koshinage, etc. That slows me down from wanting to test. [I just prefer my feet to be on the ground as mentioned above]

At the end of the day, the belts really are about your own progress and goals - at least for me anyway.
As each dojo is, or can be, completely different. What counts is what is the individual taking away from their training and more so... are they having fun?



caveat: post written after midnight - so they may be totally incoherent.

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