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Bruce Baker
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Most quickdraw shooters started wearing their six guns across their belly at an angle, or is that another hidden truth that has been rewritten with television and movies? Check out some of the early 1930s movies where there are actual cowboys as stuntmen, and backround people. They don't wear their sixguns low and strapped down, but high on the belt across their belly.

As for the baiting question in post #9?

Time and energy is not worth the effort?

I wonder ... is the effort of ignoring baited questions a true loss of energy, or is it the isolationism of a hermit?

It is your right to be involved or not be involved, to teach or not teach, to guide others or assist them with what little brains you or I have ... be it in my experience, things happen for a reason, and encounters happen for a reason. Even if they, the wise acres, have are baited questions ... saying you are wasting your energy is a waste of energy, so why say it, unless you are fighting an inner tumoil that wants you to answer and you are unable to resolve it?

(Unless every fool in the universe continues to ask the same question thinking you are the guru of answers. Then it would time to hand out the form that lists what to do, how to find the answer in books, and places to check for the answer before ask a stupid question. If they don't come back with the form filled out and they still don't have the answer, give them the lightning rod and tell them the light is coming.)

Kind of like this question of righthanders and lefthanders pretending to be right handers.

I have gotten some pretty strange looks from S. Sugano sensei when I naturally switch hands to a natural left handed stance, which caused me to look at my hands, apologize, and switch back.

Although from years of practice throwing righty, I can not throw left handed like I did after I became accustom to throwing right handed, I do believe with practice I could throw overhand again with my left, not just underhand or side arm as I do now.

Hey, you should learn to throw on the left and right side, why not learn to cut with the single grasp of a left hand, or right hand?

And what about the one armed swordsman?

I guess the adapt, change, and overcome of the American thinking isn't always logical, but it does admire practicality.

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