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Re: Hombu Culture

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It seems to me that the Hombu tries to stand in the centre where we all can overlap. It has standards but it's there to bring us all together, not just make everyone do carbon-copy aikido of one particular teacher. Osensei is gone and even when he was around, that wasn't possible. I see the Hombu as a nexus.

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Doshu almost always teaches essentially the same class. He always give the same demonstration. This sets the tone for Hombu, from which the wide range of styles in past years is gradually disappearing (whether this is good or bad depends on your view of what Hombu ought to be doing).

You're absolutely right, the Ueshiba family has settled on a very bland, neutral style - the hub of a wheel only works because the hub is empty.

I understand their reasons for doing this, and it might actually be the best way to maintain a large international group of widely varying styles - but I'm not sure that (as in the original post) I'd want to pattern a smaller individual dojo in this style.



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