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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

Good on ya, girl!

I am one of the luckier newbie Aikidoka's in that my first dojo happens to be a high quality one, with an experienced and balanced instructor who cares for his student's wellbeing and development. When we make a really dumb mistake, instead of blowing up in our face, he just keel laughing up streams of tears. He keeps the atmosphere light but invigorating, all the while serious about the techniques he taught. This makes you want to come back for more everytime, and hate that training is ending.

In your case, that teacher was simply a douchebag, nothing more to say. His behaviour is highly disturbing, to the point of potentially dangerous (predatory, almost?). If my master saw this kind of behaviour, there would be no telling what he'd do.

I'm glad you didn't let this injustice go on any further (no doubt due to the efforts of our fellow aikidoka's). See how different it is when the atmosphere is light and electrified instead of heavy and murky?

Keep training in that kind of happy atmosphere. Hard training and abusive training are two different things, and the masters of the old knew which is which. Sadly, not all sensei's of today's Aikido world understands that...
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