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Re: Kiichi Hogen and the Secret of Aikido

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Ya know, all that stuff is very revealing, but without an explanation within the proper context, it don't mean a thing and could very easily send people off on tangents that can totally skew what is really being said - IOW, everyone will filter it through their own levels of understand AND expectations as to what they want it to mean -

That is the point Greg.
No further information was offered then.
None has been available since.
I do not believe -any- of the post war Japanese know this stuff, nor how to teach it. For the most part Morihei Ueshiba's explanation for power and aiki is dead to them.

I have every intention of helping person. I have no intention what-so-ever of arguing any more over this truly wonderful teaching on the net with people who can't deliver in person-yet are convinced that they already know.
I'm going to wait for the book.
Take the long view. It will come out well in the end. Truth is wonderful and has healing qualities.

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