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Re: Kiichi Hogen and the Secret of Aikido

Matt Fisher wrote: View Post
Thanks to Chris for a VERY thought provoking blog entry...

I just wanted to point out that John Stevens's book Budo Secrets contains text from Ki-ichi Hogen. The selection in Stevens's book is longer (in English) than what Chris included in his blog, but I don't know how different the two texts are in Japanese. In his very short intro to this section, Stevens writes that "These teachings have been widely employed by martial arts instructors over the centuries and are still in use. Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, often quoted from this list when teaching and demonstrating Aikido techniques, and so did my Aikido teacher Rinjiro Shirata."

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Thanks Matt - people seemed interested, so I added a translation and the source for the passage that John Steven used (along with your note) to



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