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Re: Kiichi Hogen and the Secret of Aikido

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Hi Chris, sure, no problem. I more then appreciate the effort, plus, you can see how my writing skills hold up

I think Dan is spot on but then, just because it is HE who is saying this, some people will tend to be prejudiced/biassed in the first place. There is no escaping the facts, but as you say, it's setting the stage first. It would make a rather compelling case to investigate and present this terrain under these conditions. IOW when is the next Blog due?
Well I accept the bias for what it is and it only exists from a distance; in person everything is made clear and that...right quick. For whatever reasons face to face on a mat spurs communication and friendships.

Setting that aside, most reasonable and intelligent people are going to see the facts and Ueshiba's standing in the world of Martial arts; both historically and contextually in a way never seen before.
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