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Re: Why no tsuba?

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

Instead of alluding to a name, simply state it, rather than ask us to search for it. Where in that post, were we given any indication that this person was your teacher. Your teacher is not well-known. You made statements regarding your teacher's training to Henry Ellis, that he told you were simply not true. The early years in England are well documented. Henry Ellis is one, among several sources for good information.

If I am in your area, I would gladly take you up on your offer. The same thing applies to my school as well. That being said, I am not a teacher of a Koryu or Ryuha. I do not pretend that what I know about using a bokken represents any type of legitimate sword use. Simply try what you think you know with one of them and discover some larger realities in this universe. Have your teacher try that with a licensed instructor of a Koryu or Ryuha for that matter.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion. All opinions are not equal and not all opinions should flourish. Opinions that are strongly linked to reality tend to do better than others, except in the religious realm of things. Martial arts are not religious bodies of information. They are firmly rooted in reality. Reality is something that is empirically experienced. Martial arts experiences are no different and should not be treated as simply opinion. Holding people in the martial arts world to a lesser standard should be a taken as an insult by any respectable martial artist.

Marc Abrams
The last paragraph is my sentiments exactly. The teacher is real. What he recalls on history is his experiences not someone elses, thus another reality you don't know. What I witnessed was real. You not being there is also real and so you have only opinion. All opinion given honestly has merit.

He is still here, that's real.

Empirically experienced? How about experienced? forget the empirical additives.

In this real world of image and accreditations it becomes a playground for the biggest crooks and deceptive egos. All you need is the right documents and the right image and voila, perfect con man.

So forget all the academic reasoning and politics. For me an expert is someone who can do, not talk. If you think I have to repeat the name that I have told you on numerous occasions then it only shows me it's not worth saying to you as you tend to forget rather easily. It's on my profile so you don't have to look far.

Bottom line, he's there now, very real. If you cannot do , that is visit him yourself or someone as I described then you have my recollections. Shared information on a sharing information site.

Dan is an example of my way of thinking. I am not interested is his accreditations or image for they tell me nothing. He does what he says he does and that's all. That's as far as my interest goes.

I don't need to see any board tell me about him or to know his history or his qualifications or who his teacher was or even what he eats for breakfast. He can do what he says he can do. As for relationship to Aikido that's something else but nonetheless does not blind me away from the fact of ability.

You say Ihtbf and if I'm not mistaken agreed with or even said 'put up or shut up' yet all you seem to do is continuously ask for information, data. Do you not see this as contradictory?

Questioning what I say is a waste of time if all you can do is put it down for you have the choice to put up and come see for yourself, go visit my teacher, or carry on with your opinions.

There is much more to Aikido than the dojo and thus the message of Takemuso. This is not the wild west you know. (Although many places in London I visit are not far from it)

There is also much more to the sword practice than pretending you're a samurai and contesting with some master from some koryu for the practice alone builds strong spirit and charachter and this far outweighs any cowboy mentality of who's the faster draw. The foundations of which have served me personally very well in situations I would imagine you have never even been near but I try to keep away from such personal experiences as it's not about me.

Once again, nothing to prove. Been through that phase. Even been through the phase of going out sharing with all and sundry. Proving to me is now boring. Sharing, teaching and learning is my only interest.

So all those who want proof? Don't worry, you'll get over it when you realize it's a neverending path to nowhere.

So I think I have no more to say to you on the subject for my parameters are different to yours.

I respect all opinions. If I want to know more it is for me to go experience myself. Very simple.