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graham christian
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Re: YouTube: Takemusu Aikido videos

Nick Regnier wrote: View Post
Hi Graham,
Definitely neighbours! You are right, there are lots of Aikido styles in London and this can be quite confusing.

Is your Aikido club teaching Iwama or other styles? Sorry to ask as I have not heard of this dojo before...

Nick Regnier
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Hi Nick.
No not Iwama. It's more based on Ki Aikido than anything else.I'm just a small independant leaf ha, ha. A student of mine is now training at an Iwama dojo as he moved a year ago and found one nearby. I believe it is somewhere near Dunstable. I think the dojo nearby in Hampstead is an Iwama dojo too. 0ne mile the other direction in Muswell hill there's a Ki Aikido one and one mile in another direction nearer Archway there is another, don't know what style though.

Again not too far from you was where I trained for 15 years in Watford, in fact more garston/north watford and they're still going now. Half a mile from them on an old air force base in Bushey is a Yoshinkan Dojo, they often came to visit us.

There's another one not far from you in Pinner.

Confused? Ha, ha. There's too many to mention.

Another independant club I used to take people to visit was also just down the road from you in Edgeware, off whitchurch lane, and they were more Iwama influenced too. Unfortunately I heard recently that the teacher died a few years ago but I assume his son took over. I must pay them a visit soon if they are still there.

Anyway, enough gossip.

Peace. G.
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