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Hi everyone! I am a newbie to Aikido (I have been training since April). I love this website and all of the very interesting and insightful posts. I have so much to learn!


In reading the above mentioned article I was reminded of an interview of O'Sensei that I read recently on the AikidoJournal website. In it O'Sensei mentions a few occasions where he faces off against other martial artists in order to demonstrate the power of Aikido.


Here is a snippet from one such instance..."I invited him to come over. While we were talking Mihamahiro said, "I've also heard that you, Sensei, possess great strength. Why don't we test our strength?" "All right. Fine. I can pin you with my index finger alone," I answered. Then I let him push me while I was seated. This fellow capable of lifting huge weights huffed and puffed but could not push me over. After that, I redirected his power away from me and he went flying by. As he fell I pinned him with my index finger, and he remained totally immobilized..." There are a few other similar instances mentioned in the interview.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of Aikido I would like to ask this:

Is there a fundamental difference in these two approaches, or are they just different manifestations of the same thing? The article seems to stress a non-confrontational, almost evasive tactic, while O'Sensei seems to choose a more direct approach when challenged.

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