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Chris Knight
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Re: Changing perspective

My perspective has changed dramatically, since my 6th and 5th kyu gradings, and having recently taken my 4th kyu.

My teacher is constantly emphasising the irrelevance of technique and the importance of principles, techniques will follow the body's movement.

This is becoming glaringly obvious, and my solo training albeit basic self taught is constantly giving me feedback about my posture and connection throughout class, I can feel as soon as I loose connection and alignment, I just don't know how to maintain it yet...

The external exercises have helped me immensely with my balance, grounding, least reliance on muscular strength and feel.

I'm glad that I'm not in a class who's teacher concentrates on techniques as the" be all and end all. "
This isn't practical and the body needs to be trained to move from the "real" core, and fine tuned over time to develop fascia strength etc... In my opinion, without developing the core, psoas and related infrastructure, walking around with a beer belly aint gonna help anyone...

I'm pretty sure if in another class in another city, I could have been going down the wrong route, and been concentrating on the wrong things for a lot longer

As always. my personal thoughts only

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