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Re: A hodgepodge system, in an information age.

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The way see it though is that if you join a Japanese organisation you have to be prepared to live with it. I have never had a problem belonging to any of them. With enough experience you know what your getting into.
And how many new students have that experience?

Unless someone actually goes to Japan to train, they are likely to have *zero* contact with the Japanese organization that signs their certificates. Their shihan is probably Japanese -- although at this point many shihans have spent more of their lives overseas than in Japan -- but the average student sees that person a handful of times a year, with at most a few minutes of actual hands-on training time. For most American students, their immediate teachers are American, that teacher's peers are American, and so are most of their friends and training partners. On what grounds does the Japanese organization expect any loyalty whatsoever from such students?

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