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Re: A hodgepodge system, in an information age.

Dave Gallagher wrote: View Post
Quote from Chris:
"I'm not sure that the Japanese entirely understand that what they're providing is not what the kind of two way street that is expected from an organization outside of Japan."

.....I think you are right. The way see it though is that if you join a Japanese organisation you have to be prepared to live with it. I have never had a problem belonging to any of them. With enough experience you know what your getting into.
The problem is, these are no longer purely Japanese organizations.

The bulk of people have no real contact or relationship with anybody in Japan, and there are more senior people outside of Japan than in.

If they don't recognize that people will just walk - and with good reason.

I don't know about you, but I, for one, see no reason to sit in the back of the bus just because the organization happens to come from Japan.



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