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Re: Suwari waza

Hi Graham,
Thank you for replying to my questions! In your opinion, are there any key differences between suwari and tachi waza?
To my mind it's (suwari) been really helpful for creating a feeling for how my hips connect to my femurs...and thus, to some small degree, how to use them in conjunction.
I just got back from OHarae at Tsubaki America Jinja and sat in seiza longer than I have in a long time. Except for the knees, it felt quite good, like my spine was sitting on the ground, giving it a very supported feeling I don't usually get while standing. When I'm standing there is a constant shifting that goes on as certain muscles get tired; sitting seiza and reading norito provides a very still feeling and from that still feeling came a surprising sense of body awareness: my thighs felt "full" and they had a mutual presence with respect to centerline (where they felt like they were pressing on each other while they physically were not touching). Then I noticed this, tried to engage it even more, and it changed the nature of how I was sitting and areas of tension sort of took dominance, diminishing the pleasant effect I had enjoyed. thoughts on seiza ho per today's experience...
Thank you again for sharing your view and approach for suwari waza!
Take care,

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