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Re: Why no tsuba?

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
Just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean they're *not* out to get you.

Which is to say that what you see as fear, some of us see as simply healthy respect for the capabilities of the weapon.

I think several people have pointed out instances in which the tsuba is essential to the form being practiced. The two most common examples in my experience are cases where the two tsubas are locked against each other, and where the form includes a "pulse" movement to jump over the tsuba. There are also lots of forms where the hands are a target; obviously the details of these attacks will be different without a tsuba.

Hi Katherine.
I did point out that the reasons given were fear of what might happen and no technical reason given,

Pointing out instances where the tsuba is important for the form being practiced is also as I said when saying it depends on what you are practicing. So it seems we are in agreement there.

Now if you want to point out the forms where the hands are the target, ahh, now it gets more interesting. This is where the logic of therefor tsuba necessary seems very ligical yet where I say not so. In fact quite the reverse believe it or not.

So I am also saying that anyone who thinks Ueshiba for example didn't use tsuba because he wasn't practicing such 'hand cutting' techniques is wildly misinformed. So it brings us back to my question, what are the benefits of no tsuba especially when practicing such hand cutting forms?

I'll repeat again, that doesn't mean it's wrong to use a tsuba.