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Dave Gallagher
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Re: A hodgepodge system, in an information age.

I think Aikido has evolved exactly the way it should have. Your Aikido and answers to questions will depend on whose Aikido you are doing. Only O'Sensei did his Aikido. As each student develops into a very advanced level his/her Aikido will be different than the teachers they had.
This is quite natural. Body sizes, weight, shape and mental outlook will make Aikido different from one person to another with basic elements in common.
Trying to make everyone and every technique,style and movement the same would be completely out of harmony with our human nature.
It would also make Aikido less interesting or even to the point of being boring.
Just my opinion. Yours may be different.

I came back to add one thought. Aikido does not need to be accountable to other arts or to anyone else outside of budo or martial arts in general. Aikido can only be accountable to the person who is training. An experienced Aikidoka will not feel the need for any accountability.

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