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Re: Is it possible to train Aikido by my self?

If I knew I were moving somewhere without a dojo, or was somewhere without a dojo, I'd:

1. Find some teacher willing to show me some basic solo practice. Ki society has solo exercises; so does tomiki. The aikikai and ASU, so far as I'm aware, focus less on this.
2. Bust my way into a seminar by one of the IS folks. That probably means international travel for you, but Dan, Mike, and I think Howard have all been to Hawaii. Do it.
3. Find a competent sword teacher to walk me through basic suburi.

Then do all the solo practice those people gave me until my brains ran out my ears. Ideally, get back to teachers 1, 2, or 3 every six months to get checked up and given the next set of things to work on.

Not even that bad a program, really.
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