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Keith Larman
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Re: Is it possible to train Aikido by my self?

Well, as you can tell a lot depends on what you mean by "learning" or "training in" aikido as well as some idea as to what aikido *really* is. If we confine it to the movements and flowing and stuff like that, sure, I suppose you could watch videos, do the movements "in your head" (I can see the book now -- The Inner game of Aikido) and so forth. Then there is the entire discussion about aiki within the body. That is something else that can be trained in private. But... Absent feedback, training, experience, and then someone to "try it on", I'm not sure how far you'll get. Too many variables here.

I will say at this point in my own training I find much of my important training to be at home alone. I have all sorts of exercises I'm working on. I have time with my suburito. And I have these great rubbing tubing exercise things with handles that I spend a great deal of time on trying to stress my ability to get and maintain my internal structure. Great tool for that. But in the end I still get in to the dojo, teach a class, then also take classes when I can so I can try to use these things with attackers who have their own idea as to what I can do... And I've got all those hours I've put in over the years already under my belt. So... Your mileage may vary...

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