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Carrie Campbell
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Re: Is it possible to train Aikido by my self?

I've thought about this myself. What happens if I move somewhere and there is not an aikido dojo? My preference would be to join one already in existence. However, these are the solo options I've considered:

Michael Friedl Sensei has a "Meditation in Motion" DVD that shows a solo practice. There are also several DVDs to buy and watch, and free youtube videos, with various instructors showing aikido techniques with various ukes.

It is possible to play a video and attempt to mirror Sensei's movements, stopping and replaying as needed. However, some experience with a partner's connection and energy would be needed (at least for me) to properly "imagine" the feel/weight/motion of a technique. The falling part of ukemi could also be practiced solo, although as you are learning something new, it might be wise to have someone nearby in case of injury...

Good luck in your journey!
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