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Re: "The trouble with aikido" by Wayne Muromoto

I don't quite understand what you mean Peter, is it that I got it wrong somehow?

I don't mean to diss Aikikai or Ki Society, especially when there's so many powerful masters in there (does not promote a long life). However, especially with large organizations, you are going to have some improperly trained and over-ranked dojocho's out there, and the problem is when they try to show their "Aikido", and people thinks this is true Aikido.

I am worried about the condition of the art, as most traditional martial arts communities are. The modern world really only promote budo as combat sports, and so schools that don't compete like traditional Aikido and many asian arts is gonna have problems with quality ensurance and student recruitment. I don't want to break O-sensei's order of forbidding competition, but I don't see any other way to ensure that the sensei's are all up to par...
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