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Re: Is it possible to train Aikido by my self?

That's one issue with Aikido training: you need an uke and a sensei. One works with connecting with you, and the other tells you how much of an idiot you are

The nice thing about my style, Yoshinkan, is that we have the kihon doza, basic movements. This meant that we can literally do it the shaolin monk way, practicing the movements by ourselves, and still improve. However, even in that, unless we get corrected by a sensei, there's only so much we can improve, because the form is never going to be perfected by self-training and watching videos. There's many techniques and weapon forms that can be practiced solo, but training quality isn't going to improve unless you have a senior helping you out.

I would say, find a partner. Somebody from your old dojo perhaps, and train off the mats somewhere. You can certainly talk with your sensei about the finacial issues. I know that my sensei would rather waive the fees than to not see a student again. Many dojocho's happily sink money into the dojo just to maintain it, because they love the art so much and want to spread it. My old master also sees his students as an extended family of his, so he becomes saddened whenever someone stops coming. Incidently, whenever someone that stopped coming for a long time suddenly returns again, he is overjoyed and often trains that person extremely hard to catch up on missed time.

So in conclusion: try out the kihon doza and see if that helps you, train with a sempai, or talk to your sensei. If nothing works, I'd say just work at it until you solve your issues at home, then go back and train. You'll make it so as long as you don't give up.
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