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Is it possible to train Aikido by my self?

Hello everyone! good day to all of you! apologize first for my grammar because i am not good at in English.

I am novice in training Aikido, actually i get a year for training but due to insufficient income of mine i have to stop training. There are so many things that change of me after i stop training at the dojo, my confidential is slowly fading, my concentration of things become weak, my awareness become low, my thinking capability become in blur like i didn't train as an Aikidoist. Is this is the side effect of if you stop training? i am aware of this Senseis and Sempais, i am thinking that i must ask for the more experience than i for surpassing this for some advice that i can do?

when i start training, after realizing that i am growing little by little, my mind and thinking capability is in the state of a convenient order. But when stop training its also slowly fading! How do i Maintain this capabilities that i already acquired ? hopefully Sensei and Sempai give some little advice of me.. thank you! wishing a good day!

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