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Re: What is up with Bu Jin?

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
Here's my method, perhaps someone can point me at another way that will fix the short himo problem.

Step into hak. Bring rear panel up around waist, slide rear himo under belt from above at my sides, bring the straps to the front and tie in a bow. Bring front panel up and in front of belt. From above, slide top few inches of front panel, including himo, between belt and gi, pulling front himo through. Wrap front himo around back, around belly, around back again, bring to front and tie in a knot. Put the free ends in a neat flat bow..
This is rather different from the way I was taught to tie a hakama for aikido training. We did sometimes run the himo under the belt roughly as you describe (although in a different order) for vigorous practice. But in brief, it was always front panel first, back panel second. Among other things, this is much more convenient in the event of a need to use the facilities, such as they might be.

The one time I tied my hakama back-panel-first was also the first time I heard the phrase "inaka no mono." That was the last time I did that. Of course, the one time I showed up for aikido keiko in Kyoto and tied my hakama with a juji--no-musubi "cross-knot" at the front, one of the junior students at Takahashi Sensei's dojo could hardly contain his laughter as he shouted "Sensei, he's tied it like he's getting married!" Though that was not quite the last time I tied that, it's been long enough at this point that I don't know when that last time might have been.

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