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Re: Following?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
between your following and David's stopping, i don't whether i should go or stay. you people confused me which isn't at all difficult to begin with. please don't make me stop and asking for direction which way, because that would be unmanly. bad enough that i wore a skirt, i just can't do unmanly aikido!

i thought uke's job supposed to be leading nage?
Hi Phi,
Have you got the cart[uke ] before the horse [Tori] here? Uke attacks, Tori neutralise s the oncoming attack , and Tori using Irimi or Tenkan and appropriate waza , leads Uke to his /her doom.Uke [unless he /she has dna linked to lemmings]should not give up their own posture/centre ,Its up to Tori to ensure that Uke is suitably unbalanced . I can understand at times how you can get mixed up reading so many different viewpoints.When in doubt , lie down, have a doughnut.Somehow things become clearer [for me at least]after this home remedy.Cheers, Joe.
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