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Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
The type of following I am describing, looks and feels like collusion until nage makes the slightest mistake, which then becomes apparent by a 'clash' with the uke, providing uke is following in the way I describe in the OP. This is completely different from colluding with nage and just going with the technique and being thrown whether the technique is performed correctly or not.

This has to be seen as a sliding scale, if I followed a beginner like this, they would never complete the technique successfully. If I work with a beginner, I will almost do the technique for them so they learn the outer form. The higher the grade the more intensity of the following.

I make it my focus to track everything that nage does, but my primary focus is on myself staying centred, fluid, flexible, sensitive and solid. I'm here to help myself and my partner improve.

I know this type of practice is not common in all styles of aikido, as I have come across those from other styles, who do not practice in this way. What does become apparent is that, they are not used to dealing with this fluid/solid paradigm.
Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Another thing I found with Mark was a principle he had said on the forum that he followed and his teacher emphasised which was the principle of 'following'

He certainly did that when using non resistance in such a way that it makes you feel you can do anything to him yet if you are one iota away from 'perfect' you soon find out you can't and bump into what can only be described as a wall of center. Excellent. He sure has learned well from his teacher.
Like so many things in martial arts and particularly aikido IHTBF

Thanks Graham for the validation.



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