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Re: Reigo Sa Ho, an Aiki Perspective Revisited

During my first time in Japan (1976), I didn't know the proper etiquette in the dojo with a shinto shrine. I just followed the group and did the clapping with the hands, of course I did it wrong, too much clapping (1or 2 times too much). After the training, one of the assistent came to me and said: If you don't know the reason for this kind of bowing and clapping, don't do it, just bow.
Later, when I was back in Europe, I saw people doing the bowing and clapping in their dojo. I asked them why they did this. They really did'nt understand what they were doing, they just copied a certain teacher without understanding.
Maybe for some of you this is a funny story. But I was really embarrassed the first time in Japan.

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