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Re: HELP! I'm being bullied in the dojo!

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Thank you for the advice. What I meant by that was, sensei has said it is their fault that they send me "out" instead of down; I have no control over it. It's been that way since I started. Sometimes I nearly run into the walls.

I know this problem with centrifugal forces from my own experience. It occurred especially for irimi nage ura, where tori spins in a narrow circle and uke has to follow him in a larger circle, trying to get up and attack again in order to be taken down finally. I NEVER managed that as uke. I just shot off tangentially instead of following in the circle - until one day I was so fed up with always un-voluntarily destroying this technique that I asked the teacher where was the problem. He observed and then told me that I started following with the wrong foot, preventing thus myself to step into the circle. Ever since I understood that, irimi nage ura works, both when being uke and when being tori, because this explanation helped me also to understand sometimes the movements of my ukes.

When a technique "doesn't work", in many times there are errors on both sides.

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