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Re: Where does the Iwama dojo purchase their weapons from?

Jamie Yugawa wrote: View Post
I was wondering where does the Iwama dojo purchase their weapons from? Also does anyone know where does Iwama Shin-Shin Aiki Shuren-kai purchase their weapons from? I was curious to see if there was an official "Iwama" weapon distributor.
Hello Jamie.

There are local suppliers but for the old dojo in Iwama, the answer is "no" regarding an official distributor. This is from the F.A.Q. section of the dojo website:

Q: Can I buy a bokken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden staff) from the dojo?
A:No. Ibaraki Shibu Dojo is a non-profit dojo and therefore does not sell any merchandise. However, if you need to buy a bokken or jo, the sempai (senior students) will help you order from the appropriate catalogues
I would add my own annotation here that no particular catalogue is officially recommended or favoured and that there are also some places to buy local, including craftsmen of similar quality to the gentleman in Tsukuba who has now retired. Even the little café in front of Iwama station sells aikido equipment but I'm not aware of anyone setting up a business selling bokken and jo outside of the region. If there were one, I think it unlikely that such a business would be endorsed by the Iwama dojo at least.

On a personal note, one thing I like about the dojo is that there is no merchandising.


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