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Re: HELP! I'm being bullied in the dojo!

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Often HOW you say something is more important that WHAT you say. You are a relatively new student, a junior student, and you sound young from your writing. That could be part of the problem you are experiencing in trying to communicate with this student.

I noted a comment you made in a recent reply and found it telling. You wrote to the effect that your sensei says that it is them and not you. That strongly suggests that others have concerns about you as well. If they have voiced their concerns with your sensei, perhaps you are the burr under their saddle. Perhaps a look in the mirror may solve your problem. I've never experienced a problem that I wasn't an active participant in.
Thank you for the advice. What I meant by that was, sensei has said it is their fault that they send me "out" instead of down; I have no control over it. It's been that way since I started. Sometimes I nearly run into the walls.
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