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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Internal/Aiki training with Dan Harden in London, April13-15

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
SLOW MOVING??????????
I'M SLOW....Lets see, I'll introduce you to knife teacher who could not cut me while I beat the crap out of him...with aikido aiki (the likes of which I have never seen a Japanese shihan capable of)....oh wait, you already know each other.
Furry feet?...wait I have to take my boots offf to look....
Amiable? Well of course!!

The "slow-moving" and "amiable" were adjectives I was describing myself with--although I will attest to your general amiability (at least if certain topics of conversation can be avoided).

Yes, I can surmise the knife teacher of whom you speak. I am too slow-moving to have been able to catch up with him regarding accounting for a certain business arrangement--and I'm probably too amiable to worry about it.
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