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Re: Aint Nikkyo Fascinating!

Regarding your "yonkyophobic" inclination, I recall somewhere in your vast and interesting writings where you did not recommend this technique, especially in combat. If I have to I'll look it up.

On the cabbie incident, a close examination of nikkyo is it may be only applied if someone grabs you (you agree there) or you reach across your body and his to grab his, then lift, obtain the proper configuration and apply. A quite time-consuming exercise and open to suki,

Yonkyo can EASILY be applied with one hand, without crossing your body, lifting uke then roll over to nikkyo. This is what I think Takeda Sokaku did there. Same entrance with the Perry incident.

Actually, the proper solution to Tekubi osae came from a pic in one of Stanley Pranin's books of Takeda Tokimune's hand that was the flash of insight into the 'secret' of yonkyo.' It is effectively a one-handed technique with several variants. Not hand size, proper placement.

I have had the great opportunity to train with some excellent martial artists. Some can do and explain to get better. Some can do and you have to figure it out (the proverbial 'steal it') yourself. And some cannot do it and you are on your own. They are still teaching you.

That is what happened to me with yonkyo. At a Yoshinkan seminar, a young, eager, naive nidan (me) raised his hand and asked during a Q & A period whether yonkajo was a valid technique. The responding (quite skilled) senior gave a wandering talk that yes, it's important, need to practice, takes time, yada yada yada. It hit me that not only did he not know how to really do the technique, he didn't have a WAY to teach it. I was off on a quest.

I have used yonkajo in freestyle and unfortunately for me, have had it used on myself by those that I have shown 'how' to do it - usually having me start cussing in pain. In fact, at an Aiki Expo Kondo sensei opened my mind to the 'final completion' of this neat waza. As I have written in the past, you pick up 2 or 3 things and 20 go over your head. You are either not smart enough or it's not your time yet.

On a side note, I almost posted on e-budo on your "An Old interview with Saito Morihito regarding Daito-ryu" on the same issue. There is video of Saito sensei showing a variant shiho nage with a yonkajo assist. I have worked on this to do it soley (sp?)one-handed. Once again, tekubi osae makes alot of techniques easier. Especially the ninin-dori waza.

When we are in the same pew some time, I'll gladly show it to you and you can apply it to me (complete with cussing). As some say, I'll believe when I see it or is it I'll see it when I believe it.

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