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Re: What is up with Bu Jin?

Hmmm, got the new BuJin hak and I am a bit non-plussed. The fabric is good, but not the same heavy duck.The blue is VERY dark, looked really black before I washed to get some of the smurfiness out of it. One of the great features of my previous BuJin hakama is that it has faded beautifully, like a favorite pair of Levis. I hope this one does. too.

But first, it has to fit me. I ordered the XL, since that is the size my old one is. Perhaps my old one is actually one of the ones made for women and this one isn't since there was no option for ordering a women's model.In the new one, there is absolutely NO room for having an ass, none. No ass room. The vents are fully open and the tops of my hips stick right on out. The tops of the thighs feel a bit constricted. I wish someone would actually accommodate female martial artists in their uniform designs. Yes, I'm fat, I've noticed that about myself a lot, but my old hakama really does fit better.

The aiki back is not as well done as the original. It is not as thickly padded as the old ones, and there is no stitching across the back plate. It seems to want to pooch out front to back, it is smaller than the old one, doesn't wrap as far or as snugly around the back. And the himo coming off of it are a little wider than the old straps.

The front panel's himo are hella short considering the way I tie my hak, which is not an unusual method. If I tie the way I usually do, the himo are about 16 inches too short. If I just go around once, they are ridonkulously too long.

Here's my method, perhaps someone can point me at another way that will fix the short himo problem.
Step into hak. Bring rear panel up around waist, slide rear himo under belt from above at my sides, bring the straps to the front and tie in a bow. Bring front panel up and in front of belt. From above, slide top few inches of front panel, including himo, between belt and gi, pulling front himo through. Wrap front himo around back, around belly, around back again, bring to front and tie in a knot. Put the free ends in a neat flat bow.

Now, as I train for my nidan, I expect to lose a good deal of weight. That'll help some with the weird fit, I hope. I was so hoping for an out of the box smile and the pleasure of wearing my second BuJin hakama to class this week. I guess I will patch the knees of my old one and limp it along until I lose enough of this pesky ass thing that I find myself with and can get my new one to fit.
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