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Re: What He learned from his near mugging

I stumbled across this recently. Makes an interesting bookend to the original article

The crazy thing is, in spite of getting KTFO TWICE, the dude woke up and tried to attack Guy again.

“I went back over to the girl and picked her up because I accidentally pushed her when I was trying to get her out of the way and the guy starts rolling over crawling towards the knife. I kicked the knife about two or three feet away and he started crawling towards it, so I had to go after him again,” Mezger said with an incredulous laugh. “I swear to God, just as I punch him in the face to knock him out the third time, the cops pull up and they pull out their tasers and I’m like, ‘No good deed goes unpunished.’ I got tased for trying to help this chick out. [No], I didn’t get tased. Things got worked out. [I was] like, ‘I’m the good guy, not the bad guy.’ That was basically it.”
There's a photo of Guy's hand showing the cut he sustained. It's not pretty, but if you're interested, click HERE along with alternate analysis HERE

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