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Re: HELP! I'm being bullied in the dojo!

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It seems like everyone can take me down just fine once sensei reminds them to use more weight underside. I keep trying to tell this student this but I think it just makes him worse, as I'm below him in rank.
That's understandable. It is bad form to instruct your seniors -- and also a bad idea, because you're probably not as right as you think you are. No matter how wrong you think he is, you really will do better to just bite your tongue, let him practice, and leave the instruction up to your sensei. If nothing else, it will probably save you an embarrassing incident down the line when you presume to "instruct" someone who is much senior to you.

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I'm been at it for 7 months and have passed two tests, my second one with a total of less than 6 months in. Right now I'm at 4th kyu, preparing for 3rd.
To be honest, that doesn't really tell us much about your abilities. Different federations have different testing requirements, and some require much more mat time between tests than others.

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