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Re: Suwari waza

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Kevin,
Thanks for the vid.From what I have seen in I see little if anything done on this vid which can be related to Aikido Suwari waza techniques. Having been a Judoka prior to studying aikido I see a similarity [more than in Aikido ] in Judo.You use Sankaku [triangular ]leg work to defend. No Judoka would start Newaza from a position which resembles a sitting position as shown by the lad in the dark shorts.There is on the vid limited use Tate Shiho Gatame [Upper body pin]and Yoko Shiho Gatame [ pinnning from the side.] Of course this is a drill not a contest so obviously the full range of potential immobilisations or submissions may not be part of the drill.I saw numerous points where choke applications and arm locks could have been applied .
Still the guys were keen enough and showed good spirit. Cheers, Joe.
Joe I apologize for my ignorance. It is only because I don't understand the techniques properly that I have to ask dumb questions. Edited to say though that the lad in the dark shorts who is starting from a sitting position similar to shikko is Marcelo Garcia...

Also edited to say that you may note his record shows that he beat Rolles, Roger and Rezo gracie on multiple occasions.

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