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Robert Cowham
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Re: Integrity in our Aikido Community

I agree with a number of posters here - there's a ton of BS spouted, lots of egos, people with seemingly incredible amounts of time to get involved - and at least prove they weren't wrong! (

This sort of thing has been going on for ever - but the internet just made it a whole lot worse:,_nobody_knows_you're_a_dog

It can be hard to convey meaning, humour etc - and most people just dash stuff off, wade into flame wars etc.

Some of us were around in the days of Aikido-L and rec.martial-arts when it was read via NNTP. (Still there: - just found my first post on that group - showing my age!

To my way of thinking, getting value out of participating online is a bit of a maturity/intelligence test - until you work out a reasonable way of dealing with it, it is rather like a Sisyphean punishment ( - no doubt there is a Shinto mythological equivalent).

I skim topics, and have to say that one very effective speed reading technique is to check the poster's name first... No doubt I miss lots of interesting and useful stuff, but I still get value for dipping in, and am grateful to many posters (and of course to Jun for his support of aikiweb). However, there are lots of other things I need to get on with in life - including physical practice of aikido!

Meanwhile, I have had some huge value out of personal meetings which were informed and/or inspired by online exchanges - that's the mother lode for me. And long may it continue.

As for how to resolve issues, those of you who have seen Harry Hill will know the only possible answer!
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