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Re: Weapons training and developing perception of intent...

Thanks for that Graham. I did a little searching and came across this. Its an article speaking about go no sen, sen no sen, and sen sen no sen from the Aikido perspective.

What I found particularly interesting was the part about "yamabiko no michi" or path of a mountain echo. In my original post I made the clarification that a precursor to this was having a connected and present partner. Weapons work certainly seems to bring this out in a more magnified way than empty handed training. I've often experienced during training in Aikido empty handed techniques a lack of intent or martial focus from my training partner. This often results in just going through the motions of waza so to speak. This isn't so bad to explore the waza... but sometimes it lacks feeling.

Perhaps the idea presented is a way of overcoming a lack of intent from your training partner.

Now as I reflect on my training experiences in Canada... I begin to see an aspect of what my Sensei was chipping away at. Often we would talk about engagement between Uke and Nage... and he always stressed that you had to be "in".

I'm going to post more when I get a chance to compose my thoughts.

Thanks everyone for your contributions.

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